Editing software: Olive Video Editor


Olive Video Editor, a free software application can make your next video editing project seem professional and visually interesting. With many interfaces and elements you can use, almost no effect can not be managed. The visual aspects of Olive Video Editor is out of this world, making this editing software sought after. Join Rendon Ricks from https://www.tjfree.com/ on this 1 hour tutorial.

Below are sample videos and you do not need to watch the full videos to move on.  Use the videos as easy reference when editing your next video in Olive Video Editor.

Lesson 1-4:  

Learn what is Olive Video Editor

How to download and install Olive Video Editor

Getting started

How to Split (Razor), Cut , Copy, & Paste Clips.

Lesson 5 - 10:

Olive Lesson 5 - The Ripple Tool
Olive Lesson 6 - Video Speed and Slow
Olive Lesson 7 – Slip and slide tool
Olive Lesson 8 - How to add background music and sound effects
Olive Lesson 9 - Using Video & Audio Effects
Olive Lesson 10 - Transform Effect: Scale, Rotate, Position

Lesson 11 & 12:

Olive Lesson 11 - Color Correction and Color Effects
Olive Lesson 12 - Video Blur Effect

Lesson 13 & 14

Olive Lesson 13 - Make a Picture Slide Show
Olive Lesson 14 - Save video frame as image (freeze / pause)


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