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The benefits of using Bitrix24

Bitrix24 benefits the Virtual Assistant and Client alike. Within 5 minutes you will learn why you as Virtual Assistant and Client need to implement Bitrix24.

Workflow – Leave application

Workflow can be managed remotely within Bitrix24. Now you can apply for leave without any hassle. Watch this 1 minute video to see how easy it is.

What is Bitrix24 calendar

In this 2 minute lesson you will learn what is Bitrix24 calendar and how it will benefit you as virtual assistant team member.

What is tasks

Tasking is powerful and quick to start and delegate in Bitrix24. Tasks can be used between workgroups, subtasks can be created and files and comments can be shared. Tasks are accessible from the task manager, workgroups, calendar, and the activity stream. The Tasks page helps view and manage the tasks assigned to employees. This lesson is 5 minutes and will get you up to …

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